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If you have yet to create your brand identity, let us help you!

We can help with colours, fonts, the look and feel of your website and your message.

Brand Colours

Using colour theory, we will create a set of colours that go perfectly well together. We will generate lots of palettes for you to pick and choose, or we can decide for you!

Your colours should go well with your identity and speak your message clearly. We can offer our advice based on our experience.


A website generally has two main fonts, and we will use a special tool that matches two fonts that work perfectly together.

There is a bit of an art to this, and we’d love to help!


If you need a logo made, we can create one.

Depending on if you want something simple and quick or a professionally made logo, we can organise with graphic designers to make this happen.


The message is a very important part of your site, and your business in general. It is about why your business exists. You could define this as your company’s mission, or even its target audience and what it does for them.

Why do we need this as web designers?

Because everything we do for your website, from the colours, to the style, to the posts, to the content, all uses this one message. We will constantly be keeping it in our minds as we work to create the website and content. This is to cement your brand identity with every choice and every word we write.

Sound too intense? Well, we want to do the best job for your business!

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