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Competitor Analysis

We have a special step that most other web designers would just skip. This is our mandatory competitor analysis.

What is this, exactly?

It’s a detailed spreadsheet that the team fills out on your very own competitors.

  • 01. Research Your Competitors

    We spend a few hours trawling through your direct competitors at the local and district level (global if your brand is worldwide), collecting their stats, their details, taking a look at their websites, social media and stats, and how they do their marketing.
  • 02. Outdo Your Competitors

    With this competitor spreadsheet in hand, we then strive to outdo them. In website design, in social media profile posts and setup, in everything. We’re serious, we want to make your website the best in its field.
  • 03. You Keep the Data

    We’ll hand over the spreadsheet to you afterwards with all the links so you can keep track of the competitors and stats we found for you.

Complimentary Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis is included if your project is large enough that we perform it.

This is usually most projects, such as a social media post creation campaign, a website design, or anything large of that sort. A once-off article we write or a small set of posts may not need this initial competitor research.

We will discuss this with you before the project starts.

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